Our Opulence Global Partnership

Opulence Global is an industry recognized company with all the opportunities of a startup. Opulence Global is a complete rebrand of a highly successful 12 year international company open for business in over 200 countries.

Launched in February 2018, Opulence Global represents the ground floor opportunity every entrepreneur seeks with brand new, award winning products, industry leading compensation plan, a culture of support and success and professional training that eliminates all the risks that accompanies every upstart company.

To view our virtual mall, visit click here or visit Opulence Global Virtual Mall.

Opulence Global – Opportunity Tour

To learn more about our beautiful product line and business, check out this video.

To learn more about this opportunity, please email us austin@ustorontoevents.com.

Fountain of Life (FOL)

Fountain of life is formulated for those who are passionate about their natural health. It is for everyone seeking a higher quality and concentration of antioxidants in their diet. Too often we forget that beauty goes beyond skin deep. Beauty starts from the inside. It begins with the right diet, the right exercise, and now the right supplement. Watch the video to learn more.

To learn more about Fountain of Life, please email us austin@ustorontoevents.com.

FERI Flawless Skincare

We ensured that we incorporated ingredients that support our skin to help us cleanse bacteria while lowering the free radicals that cause skin aging issues. Developed and manufactured in Canada, FERI Flawless represents a new direction in skincare, protecting our skin while helping us achieve the healthy glow of youth. We created a product without compromises. A product that delivers on its promises. We ensured that FERI Flawless meets our standards of excellence. Finally, a spa quality product for all skin types, ages and genders that delivers on its promises! Watch the video to learn more!

To learn more about our FERI Flawless Skincare line, please email us austin@ustorontoevents.com.